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Carrot Cabbage Spinach Juice

Try this simple Carrot Cabbage Spinach Juice for a boost of nutrition.

It’s the carotenoids (antioxidants) that give carrots their color. One of these, beta caroteneĀ brings us the benefits of carrot juice to our bodies. Studies show that beta caroteneĀ helps our immune system, and also protects our skin and improves eye health. As an antioxidant, it helps fight damage from free radicals; thus helping to fight off cancer and heart disease.

The nutrition derived from carrot juice also gives us extra healing power. Carrots help to improve our blood health, relieve congestion, reduce inflammation, balance our blood sugar, cleanse the kidneys, improve brain function and help our bodies innumerable ways.

Carrot Cabbage Spinach Juice Ingredients:

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