Organic Turnips – Mustard’s and Bok Choy’s Cousin

organic turnips

You may have noticed organic turnips in your harvest box this week.  Organic Turnips grow really well in the winter months of Southern California. Turnip’s botanical name is Brassica rapa, which is the same for its cousins, Mustard and Bok choy.  The round-root is the main edible part of the plant, but the delicious leaves are just as nutritious as its…

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Feeding Kids Organic on a Budget Tips and Information – While Ditching the Expensive Junk food

Feeding Kids Organic on a Budget

Feeding kids organic on a budget seems a daunting task. Throwing in those budget constraints and you feel like you’re destined for failure, right? Fear not, health-minded mothers and fathers. The following feeding kids organic tips and information will encourage you. Healthy diets are within financial reach! These days, the quest for a healthy, sound diet…

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Join Us For The 2017 Grow Temecula Valley Symposium

grow temecula valley symposium

Don’t miss out on the FIRST Grow Temecula Valley Symposium. Harvest2U will be one of the presenters representing LOCAL food and agriculture businesses. This event is FREE! Register here: Grow Temecula Grow Temecula Valley Symposium Description The GROW Temecula Valley Symposium is a half-day event bringing together our local agriculture community, the local food supply chain,…

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