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Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice

This Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice is a fantastically refreshing nutrient bomb! Peel the grapefruit and orange, then cut the cucumber into long slices, and juice together.

Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice Ingredients:

To begin with, grapefruit juice is a nutrient bomb and supplement to a healthful diet. Grapefruit provides a dense concentration of nutrients.

Furthermore, the much-ignored grapefruit is jammed with vitamin A, vitamin C and tons of folates. Also, according to studies, vitamin A provides our bodies with health benefits. These benefits include improved vision and the development of healthy soft tissue, skin, and bones.

In addition, vitamin C, found in most citrus, actually generates collagen. Collagen is the main connective tissues in the body and forms skin, tendons, ligaments, and bones. Finally, vitamin C also helps our body absorb iron. And, we need iron to transport oxygen to our body’s cells.

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