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Cucumber Watermelon Juice – Refresh and Hydrate

Try this Cucumber Watermelon Juice for a refreshing and re-hydrating delight. The kids will love this drink. Hey, how about popsicles!?

Due to its numerous healthful qualities, watermelon is very cleansing, alkalinizing, diuretic, and mineralizing. It promotes intestinal elimination, keeping your body free from toxic wastes.

Therefore, its juice is easily digestible. And nutrients are completely absorbed by your body.

Cucumber Watermelon Juice Ingredients:

  • 1 organic cucumber (with skin)
  • 1 thick slice organic watermelon


  1. Start by cutting the cucumber lengthwise for the juicer.
  2. Cut a thick slice of watermelon. Also, if your juicer is powerful you can leave the rind on – some don’t like to juice the rind (personal preference).
  3. Finally, juice altogether and enjoy it.

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