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Fuyu Persimmon – A Popular Harvest2U Organic Fruit

The Fuyu persimmon lacks a core, seeds, and tannins (tannins equate to an astringent persimmon). This persimmon has a squat and rounded tomato-like shape and capped with an indented leaf on their stem end. They the skin and flesh have pumpkin-colored tones and possess layers of flavor reminiscent of brown sugar, dates, and pear, with subtleties of cinnamon.

The fruit texture varies from succulent and crisp when young to more tender as they ripen. Fruits are harvested when the skin is dark orange and is ready to eat when still firm.

Fuyu Persimmon Availability

These persimmons are available from mid-fall through the winter months. You may even see trees with no leaves and bright orange fruit hanging on branches like Christmas ornaments.

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Fuyu persimmon Current Facts

They are botanically known as part of Diospyros kaki, an Asian persimmon. Persimmons are divided into two types; astringent and non-astringent. Non-astringent persimmons can be eaten right off the tree. Astringent persimmons must be soft and ripe before eating. These persimmons are Non-astringent.

Nutritional Value

Persimmons provide significant amounts of fiber and vitamin A. Additionally they contain vitamin C and trace amounts of vitamin K, B-6, and E.


This persimmon is used in tandem or as a substitute with pears and apples because their texture is crisp and sweet. Fuyu persimmons are considered the most versatile persimmon because of its ability to be used both when just ripe and when fully ripe.

The Fuyu persimmon can be eaten fresh or added to salsas, cold appetizers, and salads. Also, they can be sliced and used as a topping for pies, yogurt, pizza, tarts, and toast. Cooked down and pureed Fuyu persimmons can be used to make persimmon cakes, bread, ice cream, puddings, and pie filling. Fuyu persimmons can be stored at room temperature, and can also be stored in the refrigerator (36°-40°).

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