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*One bunch of White Carrots = 1 Qty.

White carrots have a mild, sweet flavor. Most people believe that the white carrots found in stores are “just parsnips,” which is not true.

Those feathery carrot greens on your carrots are not only edible, but they are also delicious and quite good for you. Note: Its important that you only eat organic carrot greens. High levels of pesticides and herbicides may be in and on the carrot leaves.

Health benefits of White Carrots

White carrots are pigment-free, and they contain phytochemicals that work with nutrients and dietary fiber to protect against diseases like colon cancer. The phytochemicals in white carrots can also help reduce the risk of stroke. White carrots are good for carotene allergy sufferers because they are very low in total carotenoid content and lack any pigmentation. They tend to have a smoother flavor than orange carrots.

Carrot leaves (also called carrot tops or carrot greens) contain 6 times more vitamin C than the root and significant amounts of vitamin K that is not in the root at all. They also contain vitamin A, calcium, iron and fiber. The chlorophyll that gives it that bright green color helps prevent tumors and acts as an antiseptic. (Organic Facts and Carrot Museum).

How to use it

  1. Glaze them.
  2. Pickle them.
  3. Juice them.
  4. Freeze them.
  5. Dip them.
  6. Dehydrate them.
  7. Roast them.
  8. Puree them.
  9. Shred them.

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