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1 Quantity unit = One dozen

These are the gold standard for local fresh eggs. Better than anything possible in the grocery store. Perhaps in California, and they are right here in Southern California. They are local, 24/7 pasture-raised, fed certified organic GMO-free and soy-free feed. The hens are rotated daily to fresh organic pasture. The eggs will be the best you’ve ever had.  AND… there’s more… they are delivered to your door.

Eggs from pastured hens are high in Omega 3s and low in cholesterol… plus, they taste amazing.


  1. Jovana Vincent (verified owner)

    Are these organic?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)


  2. satinkabrasington

    How many eggs do I get if I ordered? The description doesn’t say, but the picture shows two dozen….

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      You can purchase one or more dozen at a time

  3. Shana

    Is it $7.99 per dozen?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Yes Shana

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)


  4. Heather

    Do your hens “graze” on grass? Meaning are they able to roam around and eat bugs and things?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Yes. They have access to weeds and grass and insects.

  5. Annette Castillo

    Can I go in person to buy eggs?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Not at this time, but we are working on that.

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