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Our fresh small-farm free-range, real pastured hens eat all the fresh greens and veggies our farmer can toss them along with soy-free organic feed. Eggs from pastured hens are higher in Omega 3s and lower in cholesterol… plus, they taste amazing. Eggs come unrefrigerated. Refrigerate when delivered. Eggs are best within 2-3 weeks.

1 Quantity unit = One dozen


  1. Jovana Vincent (verified owner)

    Are these organic?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)


  2. satinkabrasington

    How many eggs do I get if I ordered? The description doesn’t say, but the picture shows two dozen….

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      You can purchase one or more dozen at a time

  3. Shana

    Is it $7.99 per dozen?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Yes Shana

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)


  4. Heather

    Do your hens “graze” on grass? Meaning are they able to roam around and eat bugs and things?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Yes. They have access to weeds and grass and insects.

  5. Annette Castillo

    Can I go in person to buy eggs?

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Not at this time, but we are working on that.

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