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Farmer’s Choice Harvests contain freshly picked organic produce including greens, fruit, herbs and mixed veggies.ย  Harvest2U farmers pick the highest quality and ripened produce to ensure you are eating the BEST!

The Single Harvest – 8 different produce items ($31.99)

The Personal Harvest – 10 different produce items ($37.99)

The Family Harvest – 13 different produce items ($45.99)

Farmer’s Choice Personal Harvest Box


  1. Marlene

    Great service! Randy took such good care of me, with all my questions, regarding Vacation hold, Being new to H2U, I wasn’t sure how it worked. Randy set me up when I got back and i didn’t have to do a thing except make room for the ABUNDNACE of vegies, I was so looking forward to. Saved me from having to go shop while still on Florida time! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank You Randy!

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      You’re so welcome Marlene!

  2. barberean (verified owner)

    I got my first box and was very excited. Everything looked beautiful! It was fresh and clean and was a great combination. And those all-important avocados were at the perfect phase of ripening where I could have half of one for four days, and they ripened to perfection! Glad to be back after a couple -years hiatus since I moved to Wildomar. Thank you for traveling out here to deliver!

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      … and we’re so glad you’re back with us. We will continue to provide a great selection of fresh organic fruits and vegetables. Thank you, Barbara, for your kind words.

  3. erica (verified owner)

    We got our first box last week and it was a great experience! The produce was beautiful and delicious. We loved it so much we changed our subscription from every two weeks to every week. Looking forward to our next box

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Thank you Erica. We are happy to hear you loved our box. We take a lot of love and pride in what we grow and what our local partner farmers grow.

  4. Elizabeth Gravenberg (verified owner)

    We were excited to receive the Farmers Choice box with fresh fruits and veggies and some which we donโ€™t typically buy on our own. It caused us to look up recipes and expand our palate. The experience of having fresh produce delivered to your door compels you to eat healthier and experience new things. Great product and great customer service.

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Thank you, Elizabeth. You hit it on the button. Those are the two biggest positives we hear about our boxes. (1) Eating healthy. (2) Get to try new fruits and vegetables. We love what we do and we love serving our customers.

  5. Steve

    We love the produce from Harvest to you. Were in Lake Elsinore and Randy still made the delivery when the fires were crazy close.

    This service is great. Great food and great customer service.

    We did notice that the great produce stays fresher longer with the bags we were getting at first.

    All in all, our salads and smoothies everything we use your produce for are much better. Thanks!

  6. Elizabeth Khaled (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for my box. My previous CSA closed, and I was looking for a new service. Just got my first box from Harvest2U last Thursday, and it was fantastic. It came right to my door, so there was no drop point craziness like my last CSA. I loved everything in it. My salads are amazing again. My food has the flavor it should. This is real food. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Dolores

    So happy to have found Harvest2U. It is wonderful to have farm fresh vegetables available and brought to our home each week… The produce is beautiful, always fresh and tastes amazing. Knowing that everything is organic and full of nutrients is comforting. Thank you for all you do.

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      You’re so welcome Dolores!

  8. gretchen.truebe (verified owner)

    I received my first box yesterday and I could not resist jumping right in. I quickly made a salad with the beautiful greens and cucumbers and strawberries. YUM! I am planning the rest of my meals around all the beautiful produce. I can not wait, it all looks and smells fantastic. Looking forward to next week. Thank you to Randall for the quick responses to all my questions and a personal front porch delivery . It was nice meeting you.

    • Randall Farrar (verified owner)

      Ditto Gretchen! We LOVE what we do and we love our customers. Thank you for the kind words.

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