cranberry apple

Cranberry Pineapple Apple Juice – Nutrient-Packed

No sprays from the ocean in this Cranberry Pineapple Apple Juice. Cranberry, pineapple, and apple combine to make an awesome tasting, nutrient-packed natural juice. Cranberry Pineapple Apple Juice Ingredients: 1/2 Pineapple 1/2 cup of organic Cranberries 1 organic Apple Change it up a bit with your choice of apple from tangy to sweet, or maybe both!…

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roasted root vegetables

Roasted Root Vegetables A Simple Yet Healthy Meal

At Harvest2U we are ALL ABOUT simple. Now, this is simple. Roasted root vegetables with anything from, to and including; potatoes, yam, carrots, and the sink de kitchen. Remember to go organic whenever possible. Roasted Root Vegetables Ingredients: 5 tablespoons Olive Oil 1 cup cubed red potatoes 1 jicama, peeled and chopped 2 turnips, peeled…

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apple watermelon juice

Apple Watermelon Juice For Refreshing Hydration

What’s the better fruit in your apple watermelon juice? Watermelon is very cleansing, mineralizing, alkalinizing, and diuretic. Also, its nutrients promote intestinal elimination, keeping your body free from toxic wastes. Watermelon is true to its name. It contains 98 percent water and contains lots of vitamin A and C, magnesium, potassium, and other essential nutrients.…

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bloody mary juice - tomato juice

Mock Bloody Mary Juice for Your Annual Brunch

A cool Mock Bloody Mary Juice with tomatoes, cucumber, celery, red bell pepper, and cayenne; just TRY and tell the difference! The Vodka is on you. Even though store-bought juices are convenient, begin with fresh, organic, locally grown tomatoes. To be sure, fresh organic tomato juice provides you important vitamins A and K, and all…

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black beans kale tomatoes

Black Beans Kale Tomatoes – A Simple Nutrient-Dense Meal

This black beans kale tomatoes recipe makes a flavorful, hearty, nutrient-dense, and simple meal. Serve over quinoa, rice, couscous, or alone. Black Beans Kale Tomatoes Ingredients: Dice up 1 large onion as would Julia Child Seed and dices 5 large or 6 medium plum tomatoes (about 2 cups) bunch kale (about 8–10 leaves) teaspoons Olive Oil…

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apricot peach juice

Apricot Peach Juice – he Way You Like It

This Apricot Peach Juice is again; simplicity. Peach, apricot, and grapes combine for a healthful, refreshing drink. Go to your patio and have a Partaayy! Juice or blend. Your choice. Organic peach juice is a great source of minerals your body needs such as calcium, iron, manganese, zinc, sulfur and magnesium. Peaches also contain important…

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collard greens

Collard Greens for The Rest of Us

Collard greens (“collards”) belong to the Brassica (cabbage) family of vegetables, which means they are a cruciferous vegetable. Their dark green pigment is a signal they contain nutritious antioxidants, an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals, including calcium. You can use collards as you would any dark leafy greens, like spinach or kale.  Collard Greens…

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fennel spinach cucumber juice - carrot kale green juice

Fennel Spinach Cucumber Juice – Packed with Vitamin C

Have you had Fennel Spinach Cucumber Juice? Fennel is mild and sweet (a hint of licorice or anise). Juice the bulb along with the spinach and cucumber. This juice will give you a lot of vitamin C, antioxidants, and a boost to your immune system. The oil of fennel contains a phytonutrient (anethole), which can reduce…

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peppers broccoli

Peppers Broccoli with Garlic – A Great Side Dish

Peppers Broccoli with Garlic is everyone’s favorite. Harvest2U is about SIMPLE and healthy recipes. Peppers and broccoli are combined with a couple of other ingredients to become your shining star side dish! Peppers Broccoli with Garlic Ingredients: 1 bunch of organic broccoli, about 1 pound (use florets, stems, and stalks) Keep the leaves for braising in…

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black bean zucchini

Black Bean Zucchini Quesadillas – Kid-Friendly

Black bean zucchini quesadillas make a great combo for this kid-friendly snack. Black Bean Zucchini Quesadillas Ingredients: 2 cup black beans, cooked 1 tablespoon salsa 1/2 cup finely chopped zucchini 3 (6-inch) corn tortillas 4 tablespoons shredded Cheddar cheese Directions: First, you have to cook your beans. Soak the Black Beans overnight if possible, but a…

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