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Daikon Radish Tofu Soup – In 15 minutes

Daikon Radish Tofu Soup

Daikon Radish Tofu is a light vegetable soup made with daikon radishes, some firm tofu for protein, and a few Jujubes (or you can substitute dried raisins) for a touch of natural sweetness. And the best part of this healthy soup recipe, it’s done in about 15 minutes. Daikon radishes contain glucosinolates, a sulfurous compound…

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Jujube Pecan Rice Pilaf – A Gluten-Free Vegan Side Dish

Jujube Pecan Rice Pilaf

Jujube Pecan Rice Pilaf is an easy gluten-free, vegan side dish flavored with toasted nuts and jujubes. Jujubes, sometimes called Chinese red dates, Korean dates, or Indian dates, are a wonderful little fruit that tastes like apples when they are young and more like dates when they fully ripen. Jujubes have more vitamin C than citrus…

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Apple Jujube Crisp – Perfect For The Fall Season

Jujube Crisp

This Apple Jujube Crisp recipe is a simple no sugar added dessert that is perfect for the Fall season. It is delicious by itself or with frozen yogurt or ice cream. Jujubes, also known as Chinese red dates, Korean dates, or Indian dates, are a beautiful fruit that is similar to apples when they are…

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Spiced Candied Jujubes – Served with Rice and Lentils

Spiced Candied Jujubes

This Spiced Candied Jujubes recipe is made from the real fruit called Jujube.  Jujubes have plenty of different names such as Indian Dates, Korean Dates, and Chinese Red Dates and are a favorite health food in the East. They can be used as a substitute for dates in most recipes. This recipe is my variation of…

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Jujube Fruit – 7 Reasons to Include It in Your Diet

Jujube Fruit

About Jujube Fruit Jujube fruit is also referred to as Chinese dates, Korean dates, red dates, or Indian dates.  Jujubes (Ziziphus jujuba) grow on a small deciduous (loses its leaves in the winter) trees. Jujube trees grow to around 20-30 feet tall, and with small shiny green leaves, tiny blossoms, with grape-to-kumquat sized fruits that…

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