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Altura Credit Union Member Appreciation Day

Member Appreciation Day

Member Appreciation Day Altura Member Appreciation Day shows appreciation for their Members by hosting an event with multiple vendors, free food, music and prizes. In addition, Harvest2U will be on hand to let people know about the benefits of eating local, seasonal and organic. We will also be offering new Memberships (at a discount) and…

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Harvest2U Juicing Tips and Why Local Sources Matter

health benefits of apples

By Carmen Micheli Always in our juicing tips, local sources matter. Since the juice is highly concentrated, you’d better be sure where your produce grows and what substances are on it, if any. Juicing is a great way to get your daily nutrient intake.  Key vitamins and minerals are abundant in fruits and vegetables. When…

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The Struggle to Get Your Greens – Juice or Smoothie?

juice or smoothie

Do you struggle to get your greens? Do you prefer to juice or smoothie? These tips will help you get the recommended daily amount of green vegetables into your ever-healthier body. Collards, Kale, Parsley Fresh, deep greens can benefit our body in amazing ways. But, how to ingest as much as we need on a…

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Does Buying High Quality Produce Actually Save Money?

save money

So you think buying locally grown organic produce costs too much. Seriously? We can show you how you save money when buying local. Let’s look at just a couple of factors that make buying local produce cost effective. Waste Believe it or not, according to, “the average family of 4 wastes 122 pounds of food…

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For Better Health Eat Lots of Colors

eat lots of colors

Did you know that the color of the produce we eat makes a difference to its nutritional content? When we eat lots of colors, we are giving our body what it needs to be healthy. And as we like to tell the kids, “No, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese does NOT count as yellow.” Below we’ll…

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Why Should I Eat Locally Grown, Organic Produce?

locally grown organic produce

Locally grown organic produce has more flavor. We say, “If you haven’t had a beet that was in the ground, growing yesterday, you don’t know what a beet is supposed to taste like!” Store-bought produce is picked before the peak of ripeness, the peak of nutrient content, and the peak of flavor. It then travels to…

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