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Carrot and Microgreens Juice – Without a Juicer

Carrot and Microgreens Juice

Carrot and Microgreens Juice is a refreshing dose of nutrients that can be made with or without a juicer. Carrots add a little sweetness and antioxidants like beta carotene and the microgreens have more nutrients per ounce than their fully-grown counterparts. Toss in a bit of parsley, or cilantro if you prefer, for extra flavor.…

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Microgreens Pesto – A Versatile Sauce

Microgreens Pesto

Microgreens Pesto is a versatile sauce. We like to put it on pasta, but you can use it as a condiment, a salad dressing, on pizza, on pasta, on sandwiches, and side dishes. Microgreens Pesto Ingredients 2 cups Microgreens (your choice) 2 cups Fresh Kale, Chopped (no stems) 1/4 cup Pepitas (Pumpkin Seeds) unsalted 2…

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Microgreens and Tuna Salad – Nutrient Rich

Microgreens and Tuna Salad

This Microgreens and Tuna Salad is topped with an easy homemade Lemon Thyme Dressing for a delicious meal when you don’t feel like heating the house. Microgreens are seedlings that are harvested once they get their first true leaves, about 2-3 weeks. Many microgreens have more vitamins and minerals than their mature plant counterpart. They…

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Quinoa Sprouts – Add Crunch To Your Salad

Quinoa Sprouts

If you are looking for some low carb crunch to add to your salad, Quinoa sprouts may just be the answer. The process of “sprouting” burns up the stored carbohydrates within the seed (or legume). The same method works for lentils and beans, but they take a few days longer to sprout than Quinoa. The same…

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8 Cleansing Tips to Clean Out Your Gut

Cleansing Tips

Is it time to clean out your gut from all the processed foods you’ve been eating? Check out these detoxing basics and 8 cleansing tips. Even the healthiest of us are having our bodies bombarded by toxins. Toxins come both externally and internally. Overeating, processed foods, alcohol in excess, environmental chemicals, and much more bring…

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