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Berry Minty Juice

berry minty juice

Try this Berry Minty Juice for a sweet, refreshing bolt of nutrition. Berry Minty Juice Ingredients: 2 cups Blueberries 2 Kiwi Fruit 16 Strawberries 2 cups Mint leaves, packed into the measuring cup Blueberries are one of the most nutrient-dense berries. 1 cup of blueberries contains: Fiber: 4 grams. Vitamin C: 24% of RDA. Vitamin K:…

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Cool Greens Juice

cool greens juice

This combination of cucumber, greens, grapes, kiwi, mint and lemon makes this Cool Greens Juice a favorite. And this is sweet enough for the kids but still nutrient dense. Cool Greens Juice Ingredients: 1/4 of any variety melon 1/2 organic cucumber Spinach – Handful, washed, organic Handful of grapes (seedless) Two kiwis (peeled) Small sprig of mint Juice of one…

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Minty Apple Juice

minty apple juice

This Minty Apple Juice is a very refreshing nutrient boost for the warm spring or hot summer day. Include some crushed ice and tiny little umbrella (and maybe a lil’ sump’n sump’n if you like)! Minty Apple Juice Ingredients: 4 sprigs of fresh mint 2 stalks organic celery 1 organic apple 1 organic lime Mint is…

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