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Orange Cranberry Salad – With Tea Infused Dressing

Orange Cranberry Salad

This Orange Cranberry Salad is simple but bursting with flavor, especially with the Tea Infused Dressing. Salad dressing and soups are two things I cannot understand buying in the store. They are both so easy to make yourself and so much better. This orange cranberry salad dressing takes five extra minutes to boil a little…

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Healthy No Sugar Added Ambrosia Parfaits

Healthy No Sugar Added Ambrosia Parfaits
Healthy No Sugar Added Ambrosia Parfaits , photo by Audrey Humaciu, Editor in Chef at That Recipe

The Ambrosia Parfaits (& Salad) of my youth was a concoction of canned fruit cocktail, coconut and marshmallows covered in whipped topping. This version is just as delicious but so much healthier. The amounts below are approximate. You can add grapes, pineapple chunks, sliced strawberries, etc. depending on what is in season.   Mix it…

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Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice

cucumber orange grapefruit

This Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice is a fantastically refreshing nutrient bomb!¬†Peel the grapefruit and orange, then cut the cucumber into long slices, and juice together. Cucumber Orange Grapefruit Juice Ingredients: An organic cucumber (with skin) One organic orange Organic grapefruit To begin with, grapefruit juice is a nutrient bomb and supplement to a healthful diet.…

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Almond Mayo – An Alternative to Unhealthy Fats

almond mayo

Our Almond Mayo recipe brings you wonderful flavor without the negatives associated with store-bought mayonnaise. Use this to top your vegetables as well as a spread. Go nuts and eat your heart out! Almond Mayo Ingredients Cup raw almonds, soaked 8-12 hours, drained 1 Tbsp organic cider vinegar Cup fresh organic orange juice 2 tsp…

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Melon Orange Carrot Juice

parsley vegetable juice

Whip up a pitcher of this amazing Melon Orange Carrot Juice for your family. They’ll love it with our Kicking Veggie Frittata and a No Sugar Parfait. Melon Orange Carrot Juice Ingredients: Half a Melon 1 Carrot 4 Oranges Melon juice provides us with some important health benefits: Drinking it regularly can lower our risk…

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Sunrise Mix Juice

sunrise mix juice

The ingredients in this Sunrise Mix Juice make for a full meal. Try it early, afternoon or in the evening. Sweet potatoes, sometimes called yams are excellent sources of plant proteins with very low calories. Sunrise Mix Juice Ingredients: One large Sweet Potato One Large Red Beets One Carrot Red Bell Pepper 2 Golden Delicious…

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Sweet Asparagus Kale Juice

sweet asparagus kale juice

I know, weird huh! This Sweet Asparagus Kale Juice will surprise you with its sweet and light flavor.¬†Asparagus is an alkaline food and is high in protein but low in carbohydrates and calories. Sweet Asparagus Kale Juice Ingredients: Start with 1/2 cup Spinach Then add four stalks of Asparagus And 2 Oranges Lastly, 4 Kale…

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