About Harvest2U

Our Story

Harvest2U saw a need in our community to provide families with an alternative to the high-priced organic produce sold in grocery stores, and to offer a solution for those wanting to buy clean, fresh and organic produce from local farmers. So, Harvest2U was created to conveniently bring quality locally grown produce to your family at a competitive price.

At Harvest2U our Purpose is to promote health and happiness.

Our Mission is simple - to efficiently provide your family with competitively priced, high quality, locally grown fresh organic fruits and vegetables while we give back to our community.

By working cooperatively with multiple local farmers, Harvest2U combines the best each farmer has to offer (including Harvest2U's farm). Thus ensuring you the best quality and the largest variety of locally grown organic and naturally grown produce.

From farm to family, our entire menu of locally grown produce is picked daily for guaranteed freshness and then delivered directly to your door, or a convenient pickup location.

Farm to you. Picked Today.

We work very closely with each of our Partner Farms, and we regularly inspect to assure they meet our demanding standards. We guarantee fresh, nutrient-dense produce in every Harvest.

Bringing health to families. Both our Partner Farmers and we select every item included in your Harvest delivery and then hand-picked within 36 hours of your delivery. You can’t get much fresher than that!

At Harvest2U we believe in “Eco-Friendly” eating. We believe in supporting our local community and those local growers within our community. Our focus assures you that every item we offer is locally grown in ecologically friendly soil conditions and by farmers who share our concern for our environment and the customers we serve. Remember, local growing provides you with not only greater convenience but also the satisfaction of knowing that you’re purchasing farm fresh fruits, vegetables and produce that have not been shipped a long distance sacrificing freshness and wasting time and valuable energy. Locally grown and fresh picked means fresher, more nutrient-dense produce for your family.

We invite you to partner with us, and together we can support our local farmers. 

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