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We deliver locally grown fresh organic fruits & vegetables to your doorstep.

- How We Save You Time and Help Keep You Healthy-

Let Us Save You Time and Keep Your Family Healthy Delivering Organic Produce To Your Door

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Harvest2U,  a Temecula Organic CSA, delivers to most zip codes in Southwest Riverside County and North County San Diego.  Entering your delivery zip code will determine whether delivery is available in your area.

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Don’t like beets?  No problem!  You can customize your harvest box to your family’s needs.  Or you can select our economical Farmer's Choice box and let us select your fruits and vegetables for you.

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We come to you! Harvest2U, a Temecula Organic Produce company, conveniently delivers your freshly picked local organic produce right to your front door, saving you time and keeping your family healthy

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Local Farms

Depending on the season, Harvest2U partners with local organic farmers. Our Partner Farms are VERY local and in fact are, located within our delivery area! Our partner farms are located in Riverside, Sage, Hemet, Temecula, Murrieta, La Cresta, De Luz, Fallbrook, Rainbow, Bonsall, Pauma Valley, Oceanside, and Valley Center.

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Time Saving Recipes

Harvest2U adds new recipes every week. All of our recipes are designed around the seasonal local organic produce we deliver, simplicity in preparation and healthful eating. With Harvest2U and our recipes, your family will always be eating Good Clean Food.

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Our Story

Harvest2U saw a need in our community to provide families with an alternative to the expensive organic produce sold in grocery stores and offer a solution to buy from local organic farmers. So, Harvest2U, a Temecula organic CSA, was created to conveniently bring quality locally grown organic produce to your family at a competitive price.

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Latest Blog Posts

Dehydrating Herbs for Year-Round Flavor

Dehydrating herbs is an easy way to ensure you don’t waste any fabulous flavor and nutrients. Dehydrating works for just about any leafy herb, but not all recipes work with dried herbs. Try as you might, you really can’t make fabulous green sauces like Pesto, Chermoula, and Chimichurri with dried herbs. And don’t limit yourself…

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Zutano Avocado – A Rare Tasty Delight

The Zutano Avocado is not an avocado you would find in the grocery store. One reason is that it is used as a pollinator for the Hass avocado and other more popular avocados and not planted in large numbers in the grove. Another is that it is “green” avocado. Unlike Hass, green avocados stay green when…

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Garlic Roasted Carrots and Green Beans – Healthy Side Dish

Garlic Roasted Carrots and Green Beans is a healthy and easy side dish that is not only delicious but allergy-friendly as well. Roasting the carrots draws out the sweetness and gives the garlic a nice nutty flavor. Depending on how thick you cut the carrots they take slightly longer to roast, so I recommend keeping…

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Creamy Keto Braised Celery – Triple It For the Holidays

Creamy Keto Braised Celery is a delicious side dish for any meal. It can easily be doubled or tripled for holidays or other parties. In addition to high doses of vitamin K, folate, fiber, potassium, and B and C vitamins, celery boasts an abundance of antioxidants that protect against unwanted oxidative damage to our cells,…

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Maple Persimmon Muffins – No Sugar Added Muffins

These Maple Persimmon Muffins just scream Autumn! They make a great grab and go breakfast are a healthy snack. Persimmons have a load of nutrients packed into that beautiful orange ball. The orange color means it is high in vitamin A and beta carotene. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. All…

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Nature’s Way of Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology will often kill current technologies, change the course of a trend, and even destroy jobs. But a disruptive technology may also be short-lived. A simple example of a disruptive technology that changed our lives and pretty much destroyed an industry is Uber. An example of a short-lived disruptive technology is the Blackberry. The…

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No Sugar Added Plum Sauce – A Healthier Version

No Sugar Added Plum Sauce is a healthier version of the traditional Asian sauce. It is delicious as a glaze on poultry and as a dipping sauce. This recipe is an excellent use of overripe plums. Plums contain powerful antioxidants polyphenols such as anthocyanins (responsible for the purple color) that contain anti-inflammatory properties and may…

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Bell Peppers – Long List of Health Benefits

Bell peppers are technically a fruit but are often used and treated as a vegetable. They belong to the nightshade family (Tomato, Eggplant, Potatoes). There are variations in taste and color, ranging from deep green to bright red and orange in color, and from slightly hot to sweet in taste. They have a long list…

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Sausage and Pepper Hash – An Easy Sheet Pan Dinner

Sausage and Pepper Hash is a healthy one-pan dish that cooks up in under 30 minutes. This Sausage and Pepper Hash is perfect for hot summer nights when bell peppers are at their best. Bell peppers are loaded with vitamin C, with 159% of the RDI in one serving. They also contain different amounts of…

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5 Lessons Research Teaches us about Preparing Tomatoes

Preparing Tomatoes is a common occurrence, and they are a good source of vitamin C, potassium, folic acid, and carotenoids, such as lycopene. Many studies have shown their benefits for cardiovascular health, and current studies are investigating their benefit for the prevention of cancers, depression and other health issues. Scientific studies have also shown several…

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Apple and Quinoa Stuffed Squash – Made with Your Squash

This Apple and Quinoa Stuffed Squash can be made with your favorite summer or winter squash. For winter squashes, you will need to prebake the squash for about 20-30 minutes before stuffing it. I used round summer squash to make this Apple and Quinoa Stuffed Squash and since they are small I only sliced off…

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Arugula Pomegranate Salad with Pineapple Vinaigrette

Colorful Arugula Pomegranate Salad is a bright and flavorful salad loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants. Pomegranates are loaded with antioxidants like vitamin C and polyphenols, which do wondrous things for your health, such as protecting you from cancer and heart disease as well as acting as an anti-inflammatory to help with arthritis. Eating the…

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Chop and Drop – A Busy Person’s Best Friend

One of the most fun concepts of Permaculture is Chop and Drop. The concept of Chop and Drop is pruning, cutting or chopping woody perennials, shrubs and trees, and letting everything fall to the ground. Nature hates bare soil, and this is a way to naturally mulch your soil (like a forest) to feed the…

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Peach and Arugula Salad – Perfect For Summer

This simple Peach and Arugula salad is loaded with flavors from the peppery arugula, sweet peaches, and slightly salty feta cheese. Perfect for summer when peaches are at their peak. Peach and Arugula Salad Ingredients 1 bunch arugula 2 medium peaches 1/2 cup feta cheese 1/4 cup olive oil 1/4 cup red wine vinegar Directions…

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Ginger Pear Butternut Squash Soup – A Twist On Traditional

Ginger Pear Butternut Squash Soup gives a slightly sweet and spicy twist to traditional butternut squash soup. The beautiful yellow color of butternut squash is due to the beta carotene, which gives this soup a potent dose of antioxidants. Ginger is also an antioxidant as well as containing anti-inflammatory properties. The pears add a little…

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The Powerful Pomegranate – Known Since Ancient Times

The powerful Pomegranate has been known for its health benefits since ancient times. The bright red fruit is considered a superfood today because of its powerful antioxidants and nutrition. Personally, I just love the sweet and tangy taste and look forward to them every Fall. The Legend of the 4 Pomegranate Seeds In Greek mythology,…

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Butternut Squash Apple Casserole – Excellent Side Dish

Our Butternut Squash Apple Casserole will leave them wanting more. This butternut squash apple casserole is an excellent side dish for your fall meals or holiday dinner. You’ll top it with a spiced buttery crumble. Butternut squash is low in calories yet high in many nutrients, including vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and magnesium. Apples are…

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Pico De Gallo – Loaded with Healthy Antioxidants

Pico de Gallo is a simple raw salsa made with tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro. It is delicious with chips or alongside your favorite Mexican dishes. This salsa is loaded with healthy antioxidants like vitamin A and C as well as the specific flavonoids from the tomato (lycopene), peppers (capsaicin) and onions (quercitin). The amounts…

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Strawberry Rosemary Wine Slushies – Beat The Heat

Strawberry Rosemary Wine Slushies are a delightful way to beat the heat during summer. And they are so simple to make. Strawberries are loaded with heart-healthy antioxidants, especially vitamin C. The polyphenol compounds including the flavonoids that give them their red color as well as tannins and phenolic acids not only help the heart but…

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8 Fig Recipes You’ll Find Nutritious and Tasty

In our 8 Fig Recipes you’ll find many ideas for figs, bacon, bleu cheese, and other delights. Figs have been popular for centuries around the world. They are both nutritious and tasty. Recent studies have shown that they may help treat a variety of medical concerns, from eczema to diabetes. 8 Fig Recipes and Ideas…

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