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Artisan-Prepared Thanksgiving Meal

Order your Artisan-Prepared Thanksgiving Meal -- TO GO! Prepared by our Award Winning Chefs at E.A.T Marketplace.


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Harvest 2U Winter Souper harvest

Are you ready for winter? Still want to eat healthy? Harvest 2U has it all for you in the Winter Souper box. Vegetables just for those cold days that cook easily and keep you healthy for the winter. Check out the recipes for soups and cooking ideas at our recipes section. Our Winter souper Harvest will include something like this; Acorn Squash, Apples, Bunching Onion, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Lettuce Mix, Kale, Pomegranates . Items will change as our winter crops come and go. If you love to make soups and eat winter vegetables you will find it all here.

This new Harvest choice will be available starting now. Cost is $33 each.

So if you’re a Harvest 2U customer add this to your order, or replace your current order with this great option. If you’re NOT a Harvest 2U customer…wait…what!? Why NOT?! Get on board and feed your health!

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Harvest 2U Customers – We now offer eggs!!

Our Solidarity Farm free-range, pastured hens eat non-GMO, soy and corn free feed, and all the fresh greens and veggies we can toss them. Eggs from pastured hens are higher in Omega 3s and lower in cholesterol... plus, they taste amazing.

Limited quantities so jump on this quick! The eggs can be added as an “option” to your regular delivery or purchased through our web store. Harvest 2U Members only.

$6.50 per dozen delivered to your door with your Harvest.

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Chill Baby!
Summer is here. Are you ready dust off that juicer and put it to use? GET YOUR JUICE ON and cool down with one of Harvest 2U’s Green or Fruit Juicer Harvests and save some $$$!
For a limited time, you save $25 on your first order of either a Green or Fruit Juicer Harvest! Sign now! (use promo code h2u25)
Why juice you ask?
For one, it's an easy way to get more fruits and veggies into your diet. Also, Juicing offers many life-enhancing health benefits including a faster, more efficient way to absorb immune boosting nutrients found in fruits and vegetables. And it’s COOL!
Don’t forget to take a peek at the recipes section of our website for some tasty tips. Now get those juicers ready and we’ll see you soon!

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That was Easy !!

Did you know that you can save $10 on your next Harvest 2U delivery? It’s easy! Every time you refer a friend that signs up with Harvest 2U, you get $10 OFF your next delivery! Start telling everyone about your tasty organic veggies that Harvest 2U brings and make sure they put your name in the “referred by” section when signing up. You’re on your way to SAVINGS!

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Harvest 2U Trial Harvest

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Have been considering receiving fresh, locally grown organic produce from Harvest 2U but have been afraid of commitment? No Fear! We now have a 2 week Trial Harvest. Get two deliveries to try us out. Purchase the Trial Harvest today!

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Cultivating Good

Customer Service

From a trending wine country in Southern California,
the trio of Harvest 2U, Eat @ Home and E.A.T Marketplace under the umbrella name Cultivating Good

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10 tips to Get the Most of your Harvest

You just got your Harvest2U vegetable box. It looks wonderful. It's all unpacked and in your fridge. NOW WHAT? We got you covered. Take a look at some simple tips to keep your veggies fresh, what to cook first and how to plan your week. It's all about keeping you healthy. Right?

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EAT@HOME Meal Delivery Program.

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E.A.T@HOME is our farm-to-plate meal delivery program that offers comprehensive meal plans making your eating lifestyle delicious, healthy and convenient.

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Map out Harvest2u delivery locations

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We've made it easy for you whether you have your Harvest delivered or pick up locally.

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