Custom Harvest-
Sarah H

What a Great Idea!

I wanted to try out this service not only to add more fresh fruit and vegetables to my diet but also because it is all locally grown, freshly picked, and organic! My deliveries are once every three weeks, as I am just one person and I didn’t want anything to go to waste. I have received one delivery so far, and I enjoyed the experience! I was able to customize my order and receive things that I wouldn’t normally buy at the store, or have never even seen before. I am an aspiring chef, so these ingredients inspired me to find new recipes and try new things. I don’t think I had ever had jujubes before! I like how the box came with some items that will last a week or two, and others that could last longer, like butternut squash. The box arrives neatly packed, at your doorstep, and a few plastic bags and twist ties are included for easy storage. I still have to wait about two more weeks for my next box, but I am already excited for it. Thank you for providing this great service! 🙂