Butternut squash is a popular winter squash variety. This squash has its ancestry in North America. Winter squash is different from summer squash (like crookneck and zucchini ) because the skin is hard and inedible, while the inside is flavorful and firm. When winter squash are allowed to mature on the vine, they can be stored for use in winter. They keep great for long periods of time, because of their tough outer shell.

Butternut squash is quite nutritious. The flesh is full of vitamins C and A, and it’s naturally sweet flavor emerges when roasted. The seeds are packed with heart-healthy fats and protein. It’s a delicious squash that can be cooked in many ways baked or broiled, in soups or stews, in a puree, and as a sweet addition to other healthful winter dishes.

For cooking see Squash Recipes


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