eBook Compost Series – The Secret to Growing Your Own Organic Vegetables Using Compost

Gardening Compost Is Your Soil’s Main Source of Food

About the FREE eBook Compost Series  – Gardening compost is food for your soil, and by using many different ingredients in your compost will supply and replenish all the essential nutrients that your soil needs for healthy crop growth and increase insect pest resistance.

Making your organic gardening compost will also help reduce unnecessary garden waste going to landfill! (Nice benefit in this age of “waste”), and it’s much better to create your fertilizer instead of throwing away perfectly good organic material. Compost will significantly save you money on expensive fertilizers, as well.

If you want to be successful at organic gardening, then there is no compelling reason NOT to make your compost! In my opinion – organic gardening and compost are synonymous.

eBook Compost Series – The Benefits

All soils will benefit from the use of organic gardening compost because compost helps neutralize soils with extreme conditions. If the soil is sandy and has rapid drainage, compost can help the structure by adding more bulk with humus and organic matter and increase the soil’s water-holding retention abilities.

Soils with fine soil structure (clay, clay loam) will benefit because the compost will increase porosity by adding humus and organic matter. Compost will also make these fine-textured soils easier to work with and erosion resistant.

Humus – The Soil’s Glue

Humus is an important by-product of compost. The result from the decomposition of all the organic matter you place in your compost (see Ingredients for your Compost below) is Humus. It’s the glue that holds all the soil particles together, and it helps prevent erosion and increases a soil’s moisture-holding ability.

Compost is like a Casserole of Garden and Kitchen Stuff placed in a Crock-Pot

Simply stated – organic gardening compost is a mixture consisting mainly of decaying organic matter for fertilizing crops, gardens, and yards. Making compost from garden and household waste (stuff) is one of the most important functions an organic gardener can do. It’s easy and inexpensive and uses little effort. Just let it rot! That’s what I do. I RARELY turn my compost.

Learn everything you need to know to create your organic gardening compost easily in this eBook Compost Series.

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