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Dairy-Free Cucumber Salad – Hungarian Uborkasalata

dairy free cucumber salad

Uborkasalata translates literally as Dairy-Free Cucumber Salad in Hungarian. My mother-in-law serves this simple side dish at almost every holiday meal. I think it is best on a hot summer day; but, it goes very nicely as a complement to heavy winter meals as well, like Hungarian Goulash. Some cucumber salad versions add a teaspoon…

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Cucumber Sushi Rolls with Spicy Dipping Sauce

Cucumber Sushi Rolls

Cucumber Sushi Rolls are a healthy, easy, no-cook meal perfect for using up leftovers on a hot summer night. I am a huge fan of cooking once eat twice meals, which is a great way to use rice on the second day. Just re-steam a little rice until it is hot and fluffy again, and…

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Creamy Green Onion Dressing (or Dip) – Heavy on the Vitamin K

green onion dressing

Creamy Green Onion Dressing is great on salads or as a dip for vegetables or chips. It is amazing on potato salad.  Green onions, or scallions, give you some nutritional benefits of onions and greens. Sulfur compounds give onions their pungent taste and are quite beneficial in helping prevent blood clots and lower cholesterol. Green onions…

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Zucchini Nut Muffins – A Healthy Way to start your day

zucchini nut muffins

Zucchini Nut Muffins are a healthy way to start your day with plenty of protein and vegetables packed in. In addition, it’s great for a nutritious breakfast on the go.  Summer squashes are great to add some extra nutrition to your baking. For instance, just grate them up and squeeze out the extra liquid or…

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Zucchini Saute – A Simple Summer Side Dish

zucchini saute

Zucchini Saute is a deliciously easy way to prepare zucchini that is ready in about 15 minutes. Perfect for those too hot to cook summer nights. And it is easy to adapt to the ingredients you have on hand and adjust the amounts to feed one or a crowd.  Health Benefits of Zucchini Zucchini is…

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Berry Beet Juice – A Healthy Blend of Vegetables and Fruit

Berry Beet Juice

Berry Beet Juice is a healthy blend of vegetables with a little sweetness from the fruit. No sugar or other sweeteners are needed. And you don’t need a juicer either! You can make healthy juices using a blender or food processor.  The beets not only provide that beautiful redo color they are loaded with folate, manganese,…

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Dark Leafy Greens Deserve a Place on Your Plate

Dark Leafy Greens

Dark Leafy Greens are considered superfoods for a good reason. They are low in calories and carbohydrates but high in various nutrients, including fiber, folate, vitamin C and K, and iron and calcium. They are also loaded with carotenoids, antioxidants that protect cells, promote heart health, and block the early stages of cancer. In fact,…

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Lemon Romanesco Pasta Salad – Lots of Fiber and Vitamins

Lemon Romanesco Pasta Salad

Lemon Romanesco Pasta Salad is a delicious side dish served either hot or cold. Romanesco is sometimes called Romanesco Broccoli, Romanesque cauliflower, or Roman cauliflower. It looks like a bright green cauliflower, tastes like a milder cauliflower or broccoli, and is loaded with fiber, vitamins C and K, and carotenoids. It is also an excellent…

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Sesame Kohlrabi Noodles – A Vegan, Grain-free Dish

sesame kohlrabi noodles

Sesame Kohlrabi Noodles are a vegan, low-carb, grain-free dish that can be enjoyed as a main course or side dish. I opted for some firm tofu in this recipe, but you can use scrambled egg, cooked chicken or pork, or any protein. Here at Harvest2U, the kohlrabi can get VERY large, so the amounts in…

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Spring Vegetable Risotto – Asparagus, Leeks, and Peas

Spring Vegetable Risotto

I was skeptical when I first learned about this method for making Vegetable Risotto. It comes out creamy stirring only at the beginning, after 10 minutes, and then again at the end. Washing the rice briefly in the cooking liquid before toasting rinses much of the starch off the rice into the liquid letting you…

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