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Asian Apple and Chicken Salad – Enjoy Leftover Chicken

apple almond chicken salad

Asian Apple Chicken Salad is a wonderful way to enjoy leftover chicken with a simple but flavorful Sesame Hoisin Dressing. It’s easy to get into a salad and just throw together some boring ingredients then dump on a bottled dressing. This salad takes a few extra minutes but the flavor is amazing. Depending on how…

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Persimmon Salad with Persimmon Vinaigrette

persimmon salad

Persimmon Salad is simple and absolutely delicious when served with this easy homemade persimmon vinaigrette salad dressing. I made this salad once for myself and recreated the dressing for a salad with radish greens and kale. The lightly sweet persimmon vinaigrette was a nice balance to the bitter greens. And the salad earned rave reviews…

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Mixed Greens Tart – Fiber, Iron, and Antioxidants

Mixed Greens Tart

This Mixed Greens Tart is perfect for an appetizer or brunch and makes an ideal side dish for lunch or dinner. Leafy dark organic green vegetables are considered one of the most potent cancer-preventing foods. They are loaded with fiber, iron, and antioxidants, with no fat and minimal sodium. Use your favorite greens, or maybe a…

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Parmesan Herb Squash – It’s Easy to Prepare Winter Squash

Parmesan Herb Squash

Parmesan Herb Squash is an easy way to prepare winter squash that is quick enough for weeknights or make a larger batch for a holiday side dish. Most winter squashes have a high concentration of carotenoids, particularly beta-carotene, which is responsible for the bright orange color of flesh. They also offer a healthy dose of vitamin…

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Apple Fennel Chutney – Sweetness of Apples and Honey

Apple Fennel Chutney

This easy honeyed apple fennel chutney combines the sweetness of apples and honey and the tang of vinegar with some onions and fennel to make an excellent side dish for curry, chicken, or pork. While this dish is excellent fresh, it’s even better after the flavors have had a chance to develop for a few…

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Honeyed Fall Fruit Salad – Fabulous Taste of Autumn

Honeyed Fall Fruit Salad

Honeyed Fall Fruit Salad is a deliciously simple fruit salad of apples, pears, and pomegranate with just a touch of honey and lemon. This simple recipe can be served cold like a fruit salad, or heat the fruit with the honey mixture and make a compote to serve on top of your favorite protein (like…

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Squash and Potato Salad – A Healthy Colorful Side Dish

Squash and Potato Salad

This Squash and Potato Salad is a colorful side dish in autumn and winter and is meant to be served warm or at room temperature (like Hot German Potato Salad). I used russet potato in this, but you can use your favorite potato variety, including sweet potatoes. Some people think white potatoes are not as nutritious as…

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Chili Peppers – 25 Delightful Vitamin Rich Recipes

25 chili peppers recipes

Hot chili peppers are a wonderful way to add a spicy flavor to your dishes as well as nutritional benefits. The Capsicum genus originated in the Americas and spread throughout the world after the Columbian Exchange resulting in the wide variety of colors, shapes, and heat levels we see today. Chili versus Chilli versus Chile…

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