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Maple Persimmon Muffins – No Sugar Added Muffins

Maple Persimmon Muffins

These Maple Persimmon Muffins just scream Autumn! They make a great grab and go breakfast are a healthy snack. Persimmons have a load of nutrients packed into that beautiful orange ball. The orange color means it is high in vitamin A and beta carotene. They are also low in calories and high in fiber. All…

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Fuyu Persimmon – A Popular Harvest2U Organic Fruit

fuyu persimmon

Fuyu Persimmon Description The Fuyu persimmon lacks a core, seeds, and tannins (tannins equate to an astringent persimmon). Fuyu persimmons have a squat and rounded tomato-like shape and capped with an indented leaf on their stem end. They the skin and flesh have pumpkin colored tones and possess layers of flavor reminiscent of brown sugar,…

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