Kohlrabi – A Nutrient-Packed Powerhouse

You open your Harvest2U delivery and are greeted by an alien: a softball-sized bulb with long leaves growing like a punk rocker’s hair on the top. That, my friends, is Kohlrabi, a nutrient-packed vegetable that is slowly gaining popularity in the United States.

It is a cultivar of cabbage developed centuries ago in Europe to grow in colder climates where cabbage might struggle. And as you can guess from the name, it is used often in German cooking as well as much of Eastern Europe.

While the bulb is the most popular part to eat, the leaves can also be prepared like spinach, kale, or other greens. The bulb’s taste is most often likened to a mild broccoli stem, while the leaves are similar to spinach.


Purple Kohlrabi

Kohlrabi Is A Nutrient Powerhouse

Like other cruciferous vegetables (cabbage, broccoli, Brussels Sprouts), Kohlrabi is a nutrient powerhouse. Low in calories with no fat, it is loaded with:

  • dietary fiber for heart and digestive health
  • vitamin A for eye health
  • B vitamins for increased energy
  • potassium and iron for lower blood pressure and anemia prevention
  • calcium, iron, and manganese for strong bones
  • phytochemicals for cancer prevention

How to Use Kohlrabi

So, you know they are incredibly healthy for you and mild tasting, but how are you supposed to prepare them? The next time you get them in your delivery, peel off the tough outer layer and try one of these ideas:

Eat Them Raw

Slice, chop or shred and add to a salad.

Cut into sticks and munch on them like carrots or celery.

Prepare Them Like Broccoli

Boil them up and puree for a fabulous winter soup, like this easy Carrot Kohlrabi Soup

Chop it up and toss into a stir fry or risotto (swap for the asparagus in this recipe).

Chop the bulb and the leaves, mix them with eggs and bake for a tasty frittata.

Prepare Them Like Cabbage

Shred them and swap it for the cabbage in any coleslaw recipe such as this dairy-free Kohlrabi Apple Slaw.

Cut them in slices or sticks and ferment them like in this recipe(swap the Kohlrabi for the carrots) or shred it and make someSauerkraut.

Prepare Them Like Potatoes

Cut them in strips or wedges and fry (or bake) for Kohlrabi Fries or Chips.

Boil and mash them for a low carb alternative to mashed potatoes.

Make Kohlrabi Fritters with your favorite latke recipe.

Cut it into cubes, toss with a little olive oil and seasoning and roast with other root vegetables.


Other Ideas

How about making some Garlic Kohlrabi Pickles? Pickling is as easy as boiling water, I promise.

Pinterest always has a wealth of ideas to try such as Kohlrabi Schnitzel or slice it thin and substitute for the pasta for a Low Carb Lasagna (here’s my favorite lasagna recipe if you need one) or maybe a Vegetarian Kohlrabi Curry (swap for the chicken in this recipe)

Hopefully, the ideas above will help you find creative ways to incorporate this amazingly healthy and versatile vegetable in your meal plan.

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