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Spicy Grapefruit Herb Marinade – A Tasty Alternative

Spicy Grapefruit Herb Marinade

This Spicy Grapefruit Herb Marinade would be delicious with pork, chicken or fish. The Spicy Grapefruit Herb Marinade recipe is a tasty alternative to the lemon and orange juice traditionally used in a marinade. Grapefruits, like most citrus fruits, are loaded with antioxidants, particularly vitamin C. They also have a good amount of fiber, potassium,…

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Natural Spa Treatments – Using 8 Harvest2U Box Ingredients

natural spa treatments

You can purchase natural spa treatments at the store, and you can also dive into your Harvest2U box and create your own. Harvest2U provides many organic fruits and vegetables that offer beneficial nutrients for both the inside and outside of your body. Here are 8 ingredients typically in your delivery box when “in season” that you…

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Green Citrus Juice to Start Your Day

green citrus juice

Start your day with this Green Citrus Juice. Bam! Green Citrus Juice Ingredients: a small handful of spinach sticks of celery 2 oranges Peel oranges. Wash spinach and cut celery into pieces. Juice the ingredients together and serve. You can always add more citrus if it’s too “green” for your kids. Or dilute it with…

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