organic leaf celery

Organic Leaf Celery is too good to waste!

Organic Leaf Celery is a great vegetable similar to the more common stalk celery that adds flavor and nutrition to many dishes. Most people are unaware of the goodness of all parts celery and inadvertently throw out some of the best parts.

Types of Celery

organic celery types

There are three basic types of celery with similar taste and nutrition profile.

  1. Stalk Celery: thick long, fleshy stalks with a few leaves on top. This is the type you are going to find at the grocery store.
  2. Leaf Celery: thinner, more rigid stalks with lots of leaves on thin stems on top. This is what we get most often at Harvest2U.
  3. Celeriac: the stalk consists of a single large ball with a few small leaves and a stalk on top.

Enjoy every part of Organic Leaf Celery

organic leaf celery

The only part of leaf celery you may want to toss into your compost pile is the very bottom root end, unless you can get it nice and clean.

All the remaining leaf celery parts are delicious raw, cooked, or added to juices or smoothies.

Organic Celery Stalk:

The larger stalks can be filled with peanut butter or served with a dip, just like the stalks from stalk celery. They have less water content, so they are a bit crunchier but still delicious.

Chop the large or small top stalks and add to salads, stir-fries, sauces, soups, and more.

Organic Celery Leaves:

The leaves are one of my favorite parts, probably because leaf celery was cultivated to have loads of tasty leaves.

Use the leaves instead of (or in addition to) lettuce in a salad. Add them to boiling water for a delicious tea. Dehydrate them and store them in a spice bottle, jar, or zip to lock bag to add flavor to dishes year-round.

Celery Core:

Unlike stalk celery with smaller, softer stalks in the center, leaf celery has a thicker center core. You can add it to your stock pot for delicious vegetable or chicken/beef broth.

Slice it and snack on them raw or use it as you would the larger stalks in soups, salads, etc.

Organic Celery Recipes

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