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Green Green Juice – Get the Extra Greens

Get extra greens from the kale, spinach, cucumber, green apple, and even the celery in this Green Green Juice. To be sure, the flavor combination tastes like spicy apple juice.

Green Green Juice Ingredients:

  • Six leaves organic Kale
  • 2 cups of organic Spinach
  • 1/2 organic Cucumber
  • Four stalks organic Celery
  • Two organic Green Apples
  • 1” Ginger root

The cucumber is technically a fruit. But who’s checking the family tree? Cucumbers are an ingredient that can easily be included in your juicing recipes. Cucumbers generate lots of juice per pound, making it a great addition to fruits and vegetables that might not give you enough juice. Also, the mild taste goes well with everything without adding any overpowering flavor or aroma of its own. You can juice the entire fruit, seeds, flesh, and skin; eliminating the need for peeling. In fact, the skin and seeds have more powerful nutrients than the flesh.

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