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8 Cleansing Tips to Clean Out Your Gut

Is it time to clean out your gut from all the processed foods you’ve been eating? Check out these detoxing basics and 8 cleansing tips.

Even the healthiest of us are having our bodies bombarded by toxins. Toxins come both externally and internally. Overeating, processed foods, alcohol in excess, environmental chemicals, and much more bring unwanted substances into our bodies competing with our healthy cells. Stress, fatigue, and emotional distress can cause our bodies to create their own toxins as well.

This article will help you with tips to rid your body and your life of the enemy without and the enemy within. Start to feel great again. Lose weight. Sleep better. Have more energy. Build the trinity of man – body, soul and spirit.

Let’s start with the cleansing tips we promised. Then we’ll get into some details.

YOUR 8 Cleansing Tips

  1. First, stop putting toxins foods into your system and whenever possible, choose organic.
  2. Next, get back to real food. Remove from your diet, processed, artificial, and fast foods, along with trans fats. No more.
  3. Then, bar the door to refined/enriched flours and package foods that are rife with preservatives.
  4. Keep going and work to eliminate foods with added sugars and artificial sweeteners from your diet.
  5. And, reduce or eliminate caffeine, along with non-plant proteins such as meats (especially beef), farm-raised fish, non-organic eggs and also whey. Think limited quantity and then only VERY clean meats.
  6. Add to your diet, loads of fresh, seasonal fruits, vegetables, legumes, sprouts, microgreens, and beverages. ORGANIC. Also add unrefined oils, nuts, nut kinds of butter, seed kinds of butter, raw nuts and seeds such as quinoa. Start juicing or make green smoothies. Get creative with different ways to get your important helpings of fruits and vegetables into your system without needing mountains of salads.
  7. Go easy with this. These are tips. They’re not a commandment to do this all at once. Give yourself the opportunity to ease into these new habits. You’ll see that you will begin to have more energy, sleep better, and feel better. And the small successes will motivate you to keep going.
  8. Counsel with your doctor, wellness coach, nutritionist, registered dietician, or uber-healthy sister-in-law.


“Process of ridding the body of poisonous substances.”

Why Should We Detox?

You may see some symptoms in your life of poor gut health through headaches, body aches, digestive problems, arthritis, pains, fungus problems, allergies, inflammation and more.

Ideally, we are detoxing every day. Eating good, clean, foods will help your system get and stay clean. However, after years of eating CRAP (Carbonated drinks, Refined sugars, Artificial foods, Processed foods), being way too busy, not sleeping well, consuming too much alcohol, tobacco, coffee, and other toxins our gut (read gastrointestinal tract) is full of poison and compromised. Our body does naturally cleanse itself but we can over-tax our systems and create a dangerous situation.

Detox Details:

Before starting, it is very important that you consult with a doctor or your wellness coach as to the best detox program for you.

If this is your first time trying a detox, you should start with a simple, and gentle program. Don’t shock your system with an “all or nothing” approach.

Please be aware that as you move through your detoxing plan (say 3 or 4 days in) you’ll notice some negative symptoms as the toxins leave the cells and travel through your body on their way to elimination. These symptoms may be a headache, fatigue, and nausea. Take heart and don’t quit. This is a good sign that the toxins are being eliminated. You may feel worse, but it will get better. Depending on how toxic your system is and your lifestyle, these symptoms may range from very light to rather annoying.

Most detox programs last for a week or so.  The program will include drinking lots of purified water, resting properly, and eating a specific diet of nutrient-dense, clean foods. You should also avoid any potential allergen foods such as eggs, tree nuts, dairy, soy, corn, wheat, and shellfish. You should also avoid refined sugars, artificial sweeteners, processed foods, alcohol, coffee, and cigarettes to aid your body’s cleansing process.

More Cleansing Tips Information

Rebuild the store of healthy bacteria needed in your system. You may want to take a probiotic, some digestive enzymes, and plant-based multivitamins. Green juice or smoothies are also highly recommended. Be sure to use fresh, locally grown organic produce.

Some things that will aid in the cleansing process include; drinking 1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water each day, dry skin brushing (which opens pores and stimulates the lymphatic system which helps eliminate toxins), and sea salt baths.

Ending Your Detox:

As you end your detox, reintroduce the foods that you cut out very gradually and one at a time. Pay attention to your body’s reaction and what it is telling you as you add these foods back into your diet. Your body’s reaction may tell you that you want to permanently eliminate some of those foods.

Finally, while you’re making better food choices (cleansing tips), also make some behavioral changes as well. Drink enough water, exercise, try and manage stress, get enough rest, etc. This will help your systems stay cleaner longer and reduce the toxins.

Always use organic fruits and vegetables in your recipes.

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