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Green Goddess Dressing – Boost Your Immune System

green goddess dressing

Green Goddess Dressing is a creamy dressing made with mayonnaise, yogurt, and fresh herbs. It is delicious on salads and is a lovely accompaniment for fish. You can use any fresh herbs you choose, but parsley and chives are traditional. Parsley is a nutritional powerhouse with vitamins A, B, C and K and the minerals iron…

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Chimichurri – Like You’ve Never Had!


Chimichurri is an Argentine green sauce, similar to pesto. In Argentina, it is traditionally served with steak, but it is delicious on chicken, spread on sandwiches, mixed with some mayonnaise and yogurt as a salad dressing and so much more. Chimichurri Ingredients 1/4 cup hot water 2 teaspoons dried oregano leaves 1 teaspoon salt 6…

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Basic Green Juice

green citrus juice

Here is your most basic green juice recipe. Goof around with the ingredients and quantities until you get it JUST how you like it. Basic Green Juice Ingredients: 1-2 apples or pears head romaine lettuce or celery 1 lemon 5-6 leaves of kale (or spinach, dandelion, or parsley) Makes at least 36 ounces, based on your juicer.…

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Parsley Vegetable Juice

parsley vegetable juice

Parsley Vegetable Juice is a simple detoxing and antioxidant juice recipe with parsley as the key. Parsley Vegetable Juice Ingredients: cup of organic parsley 2 organic celery stalks 1/2 organic apple organic carrots Raise your intake of vitamin C by adding parsley to your juicing recipes. Since its an antioxidant, vitamin C interacts with free radicals, preventing…

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Broccoli Pineapple Juice – Really!

cool greens juice

We’re not kidding. Try this interesting Broccoli Pineapple Juice recipe. Most people need to eat more cruciferous vegetables. Juicing is one way to do that. Broccoli is full of carotenoids, vitamin K, and manganese. Get this: Every 4 ounces of broccoli juice contains the recommended daily amount needed for a man or woman. Vitamin K improves…

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