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Harvest2U Juicing Tips and Why Local Sources Matter

Always in our juicing tips, local sources matter. Since the juice is highly concentrated, you’d better be sure where your produce grows and what substances are on it, if any.

Juicing is a great way to get your daily nutrient intake.  Key Vitamins and minerals are abundant in fruits and vegetables. When we consume the raw juice, our body immediately absorbs the nutrients into tissues without the need for a lengthy digestive process.  Juicing is ideal for everyone!

Why Juice?

Most of us don’t typically eat the recommended daily servings of raw fruits and vegetables. Therefore, juicing is a delicious and effective method.  In fact, since the juice is already broken down into a highly digestible form, it is absorbed into your system in less than 20 minutes.  That’s pretty immediate delivery of key nutrients that can make a huge difference in your general health and energy levels.  Many holistic health coaches, personal trainers, and holistic doctors recommend juicing organic fruits and vegetables every day to prevent disease and promote overall well-being.

What kind of Juicer do I use?

This depends on your juicing experience, needs, and what you hope to gain from juicing.  You may want to consider your budget, as well as the functionality of the juicer.  Centrifugal juicers are usually lower in price but sacrifice the nutrient level of the resulting juice.  This type of juicer uses a high-speed rotating blade to cut the fruits and vegetables.  This process oxidizes the produce which drastically alters the nutrients left in the juice. Single and Double Auger, Masticating, and Cold Press juicers are the best choice for keeping the nutrients intact.  These use a crushing or squeezing process to extract the juice.  They may cost you a pretty penny, but it will be worth the overall health benefits. A good quality juicer will help you get the most out of your product purchases.

What should I Juice?

Specifically, it is important that the products you are juicing are of the highest possible quality.  The best way to ensure this is to first choose organically grown, non-GMO fruits and vegetables. In addition, you should also know where they are grown, when harvested, and the growing methods used.  Considering this, simply support your local organic farms and farmers.  Ask them questions, and develop a relationship with the people who grow your food.

Why do produce local sources matter?

To be sure, many studies show the measurable benefits of consuming produce grown within your own unique microclimate, as close to harvest time as possible.  Since fruits and vegetables are living things, they begin to die and lose nutrients when picked.  We are blessed here in SoCal to have year-round growing seasons. So finding a local source (like Harvest2U) is easy.

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