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Carrot Kale Juice Recipe For Everyone

Here is a straightforward and easy, very healthful recipe for carrot kale juice, that Includes apple, ginger, and spinach for dense nutrient refreshment. Try and mix up the ingredients a little to tweak it to your taste. Add cayenne!

Calcium Booster

Calcium is a vital mineral that plays a significant role in maintaining healthy bones and teeth and thwarting diseases like Osteoporosis (a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone makes too little bone or both).

Green Smoothies are natural sources of calcium if you are lactose intolerant, or vegan, or worried about the health issues with consuming dairy products.

Yes, it is entirely possible with green smoothies to have more calcium than milk! Just follow these tips:

  • Use Calcium Rich Fruits
  • Moringa Powder
  • Use Young (green) Coconut
  • Use Calcium Rich Vegetables
  • Use Calcium-Fortified Beverages As Your Liquid
  • Chia Seeds & Flaxseed

It is easy as you can see to create green smoothies that have way more calcium than in a full glass filled with milk.

Also, your smoothies will have a ton of iron, as well as other vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants!

Carrot Kale Juice Ingredients:

Blast it all through your uber juicer and enjoy it! Let your kids try it – they’ll like it.

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